Jan. 11, 2022

Fill Your Cup Up First with Kayleigh Christina

Fill Your Cup Up First with Kayleigh Christina
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Today we get real with Kayleigh Christina about why she feels it is so important to prioritize our mental and emotional states of wellbeing in order to create success. We dive into what fulfillment looks like for Kayleigh and she shares a reflective exercise for us to get more clear on what fills us up.

Kayleigh is the Co-Founder of CLEARSTEAM, the first skincare line to combine anti-acne and anti-aging products into one while also being non-toxic and non-drying.

Kayleigh has grown her personal brand successfully by creating a wellness lifestyle blog in the early blogging days. She published a book that was sold at Target and Barnes and Noble. She has been podcasting for over 4 years and has created a strong sense of community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Connect with Kayleigh @kayleigh.christina. Check out CLEARSTEM skincare here

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