April 8, 2022

18. Break The Matrix with Tiffany Paul

18. Break The Matrix with Tiffany Paul
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Today we get real with Tiffany Paul about breaking free from societal programs & limiting beliefs, doing the inner work, and going after your dream life.

Tiffany is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the founder of Slept Lifea curated sleep marketplace. Owner of travel business which took some major pivots due to covid, and she recently launched a Consulting business for influencers developing their own product-based brands.

Tiffanys is the host of a podcast called Break The Matrix and today we really tap into what breaking the matrix really means.

She empowers people to break free from the societal programs aka the matrix and inspires people to wake up to their truth, their desires, and what they actually want instead of what they should want.

Connect with Tiffany on IG @iamtifffanypaul

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