April 22, 2022

19. Never Settle with Carissa Stanton

19. Never Settle with Carissa Stanton
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In this episode, I get real with Carissa Stanton aka @broccyourbody. Carissa is a full time food blogger / influencer. Her goal is to be your one stop shop for all the healthy recipes you’ll need that never requires a whole lot of time or crazy ingredients.

This episode is a fun one. We get into what life looks like as an influencer, the misconceptions, and the pros and the cons. What her journey looked like to get to where she is now as a successful influencer with over 300k followers. We also dive into the juicy topics around dating and why she loves being single. She gets into her breakup with her fiancé and gives some really good dating advice as well. 

Connect with Carissa on IG @broccyourbody

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