Jan. 28, 2022

8. Perception is EVERYTHING with Trevor Jensen

8. Perception is EVERYTHING with Trevor Jensen
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Today we get real with Trevor Jensen about how our perception creates the reality we desire. He shares his near-death experience and how that changed the entire trajectory of his life.  Trevor exudes joy and fulfillment while also being a highly successful entrepreneur. He provides some quality advice for all entrepreneurs on how to create our dream life and not get sucked into the hustle culture mentality.  

Trevor is a CEO, board of directors, and advisor for multiple multi-million dollar companies. He is CEO of a company called Bullibone one of the top dog bone companies in the pet industry and he's grown into 30,000 retail stores nationwide. Trevor is also the Chief Strategy Officer of an e-sports company called Generation E-sports that closed 10.8 million dollars last year in their series A round.  

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